Dead Salad Perfect

Quick, healthy and delicious lunch at the turn. Islandwood's zesty Chicken Salad.

Ingredients (for one serving):

- 2 lean boneless chicken breasts
- 1 large beefsteak tomato
- sliced pineapple
- 4 ounces juice of pineapple
- lettuce, pepperocini, green olives
- 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
- Cracked peppercorns and salt and paprika to taste
- 1 tbsp chopped parsley


A. Grill chicken over medium heat for about 3 minutes each side. Set aside.
B. Carefully core your tomato and slice vertically about 3/4 way to the bottom five times around (as shown)
C. Combine cooled chicken with mayo, pineapple juice, pepper, salt and parsley
D. Layer plate with lettuce leaves, pepperocini, olives and pineapple slices
E. Stuff tomato with the chicken salad, sprinkle with paprika and crushed black pepper

Great with an Arnold Palmer with plenty of ice...

Roland Livingston, Executive Chef, Islandwood C.C.

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