Tees Bagged

Redesigning a few holes at Islandwood Country Club was not met with universal approval to say the least.  

We are simply planning on moving the tees back on # 1 and #5 as well as turning the par four 12th into a par 5.

Well, the Islandwood Senior Mens and Senior Ladies Groups were none too pleased.  In fact, in a unified protest, they took over the entire pro shop this afternoon to show their solidarity against any changes that lengthens their golf course.  

Leonard "Popeye" Doyle (red jacket) summed up their feelings this way: 

"We'll accept absolutely no changes to the length of our golf course. Let them start elsewhere at the club!  

Raise the tennis court nets a foot to start, then add three extra pins to knock down in our bowling alley. Heck, make the shooting clay pigeons the size of a silver dollar.  Come talk to us after that.

We will occupy our pro shop until the plans are scrapped."

This might take a while.

Tom Clooney, Head Golf Professional