Noonan! A Tournament

It was supposed to be for fun and laughs.  It was a train wreck.  

The Thursday Afternoon Men's Club held a new event - the First Annual Noonan! 9-hole Scramble Championship here at Islandwood last week.  

We called upon the loudest and most obnoxious employee that we have at the club (Evan Poulter) to run around the course and unleash "Noonans!" during the players shots.  

Our man Evan barely made it back to the clubhouse alive.  It turns out that a Noonan! outside the confines of Caddyshack is neither fun nor laughable.  

When he nailed Mr. Whitehurst's group on the 18th with an air horn blast on their final putt attempt, Evan suffered multiple injuries from the angry launch of putters in his general direction.

In total, we counted a total of 47 chili dips, 31 hosel rockets, 72 toppers, and 194 whiffs.  Also reported were 7 sprained wrists and 3 nervous breakdowns.  

This one might not make it back onto the calendar.

Tom Clooney, Head Golf Professional