Gianni Bench

The Islandwood Country Club held a very special putting contest yesterday, and we couldn't be prouder of our winner.

This is the first of eighteen (18) such contests with the prize being one of our tee box benches.  These masterpieces go back to our club's opening in 1925.  We are finally replacing them.

Gianni DeSantini splintered the competition with an artful putting display that would make Michelangelo blush.  Gianni finished the putting course with a series of five one-putts in a row and in doing so edged out Louis Carpenter IV by two strokes.

When asked about his victory, Gianni stated, "I am not taking this victory sitting down - even though my feet are tired and sore.  I want all eighteen on these, and I won't rest until I get them."

Well you can't win them all unless you get the first!  Well done Gianni.

Tom Clooney, Head Golf Professional