Old Yeller

Golf balls can move at up to an initial velocity of over 250 feet per second.  You would not want to be craniumed by one of these rockets.

Unfortunately however, the risk is not enough to deter some folks from walking through the golf course at their leisure.

We had quite the scare recently when a stray jogger wearing headphones and not paying attention caught a drive in the left ear.  It was delivered by an esteemed octogenarian member of Islandwood who has been with us since 1952.  

Just 40 yards from the teed ball, the ruthless runner should have clearly heard the yell of "FORE!" from Islandwood's beloved Mehityu Nosui who was the striker of the ball off of the tee.  For fear of this type of event occurring, the affable Asian always yells Fore!! both before and after every single stroke.

Relief spread quickly when Nosui realized that the jogger, later identified as M'Ander A. Cross from nearby Tres' Passing G&CC suffered only damage to her headphones and not to her empty dome.

Be forewarned.  No walking on the course unless you are are playing golf.

Tom Clooney, Head Golf Professional