King of Clubs

High stakes golf, and the Islandwood Pro Shop's favorite event of the year!  $500 entry fee.

Most of the brave souls that enter the "King of Clubs" invitational this time of year know exactly what they are getting into. And if someone occasionally doesn't understand; it can be painful. (see guest Wilson Stolz above left)

The rules require that each player must relinquish one of his/her golf clubs on every hole that they make a bogey or worse. The last player with a club is the winner. The confiscated irons and woods are donated for use at inner city and junior golf programs. The winners, (including Paco Mediate -this year above) receive an Islandwood Pro Shop credit for a complete set of clubs, apparel upgrade, 12 dozen balls, and 20 free guest fees for the coming season.

Paco won this year's event, and finished having saved his seven and eight iron. He graciously added them to the pile for delivery to the IGA after the awards ceremony.

Best of luck next year everybody!

Thomas Clooney, PGA Golf Professional, Islandwood Country Club