Fast Eddie Busted!

There have been countless complaints this season regarding players' golf balls disappearing from the middle of fairways and from the greens. Well, this weekend, the apprehension of Edwin "Fast Eddie" Zalkowski might just have solved the mystery.

Fast Eddie, 3, hailing from north of the tracks in the Island Heights Projects area has apparently been very busy reselling golf balls in front of Golf Galaxy. 

This morning's bust came after the brazen and fleet-footed Fast Eddie darted from the pine trees behind the 16th green and snatched himself a Titleist Pro V1x belonging to our guest - Officer McClean of the Islandwood P.D.

After a nasty verbal exchange, near escapes and some arm wringing, Edwin was taken away by golf cart to answer for his crimes against golf. He spent a long evening accounting for the whereabouts of his kidnapped spheres.

We have over 200 golf balls confiscated so far that can be claimed in the pro shop if you can identify your markings. Come on by to claim them any time.

Thomas Clooney, Head Professional, Islandwood C.C.