Now That's a Stretch

Seemingly every year, the Islandwood Three-Day Member Guest Tournament's first day has been dominated by one team.  They are led by a highly respected member who also happens to be the Islandwood High School Athletic Director, Dale Cunningham.

Each year, his foursome shows up at the first tee with a scant few minutes to "warm up". It has always been a mystery as to why the Cunningham foursome is always casually delayed in arriving to play, yet they start strong right out of the gate.

Well, this year as we were whipping the greens, we stumbled upon his foursome behind the 12th teebox a full one hour before their tee time. Mr. Cunningham was not very appreciative of the interruption as he was caught barking and putting his squad through their pre-tee paces. But at least the mystery has been solved.

Slightly embarrassed, thoroughly heckled, and clearly unnerved, the Cunningham foursome tied for eighth place in the flight. It was their lowest finish since 1995.  

They were seen doing penalty laps around the putting green during the cocktail hour as Mr. Cunningham was in full throat trailing behind using extremely colorful language.  He will get a letter.

Charles M. Toth III, Islandwood Greens Committee Chairman