Big Brother

Oh Brother.  The Islandwood Big Brothers Charity Golf Tournament took place this past Monday.

As is the tradition, the pre-screened foursomes competed for the right to be Big Brothers and mentors for a local child in need of outdoor fun, direction and guidance. The format is better ball of four using 80% of handicaps.

Local rules for the day included a one (1) stroke penalty for each use of vulgarity, and a two (2) stroke penalty for the use of any tobacco product or consumption of an adult beverage.

Our winners this year were the Pelegrino brothers. Shooting a team better ball of four net of 129, they erased an early lead by the O'Flahertys who once again faltered after fetching their well-stocked cooler at the turn. 

Anthony Pelegrino summed up his winning team's round:

"We hit the sugar out of the ball today. Despite a few major fudge-ups on ten and eleven, I think that we put together a pretty gosh darn good effort. 

It should have been much better. We were 14 over par during our time at the halfway house alone.  But a win is a win."

Way to come up Big fellas.

Thomas Clooney, Head Golf Professional, Islandwood C.C.

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