The Kicker Gets the Shaft

"Leave the heavy lifting to the big boys."

That again was the mantra as the Islandwood A&M Community College alumni golf team teed of in the 47th annual inter-collegiate golf event prior to the Football Playoffs over the weekend.  

In keeping with their own tradition, our local foursome designates the kicker in the scramble event to clean up the hole from 50 yards and in.  In fact, they only allowed this year's place kicker - Juan Stenrood to carry a pitching wedge while the "meat" of the team launched their Hail-Marys. Wayward tee shots abounded.

The outcome was about as predictable as Mrs. McMagnusen-Stein complaining about water spots on her silverware at every Sunday brunch.  (They came in last place again)

Hopefully our little chat after the round will finally encourage the team to field a better, more well thought out team.

Hint: Quarterbacks and kickers usually can golf their ball!  Get them involved!

Tom Clooney, Head Golf Professional