The Grumpy Pro 1.7 - The Hurt Locker


We automatically clean all of the lockers inside and out every month for everyone's best interest and safety.  So as a reminder, here is a list of a few things that we -once again- need to remind you and your guests NOT to leave in your locker! (all of these items have been discovered and removed on the last sweep):

- Any food, (tuna sandwich)
- Tobacco juice in a cup
- Range balls
- Non-golf weapons of any kind
- Naked cart girl calendar
- Half-smoked cigars
- The "missing" demo driver
- Lighter fluid
- Wet towels
- Forged blank chits

- Receipts from Golf Galaxy/Dick's/Ebay/Amazon

Continue to notify us if you observe any of these items or others, and we'll put it in the next newsletter.  

It is really offensive overall.  And also, by this time every summer, this locker room smells like the south end of a north-bound mule!

Tony Sweet, Assistant Golf Professional